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PlayStation VR requires a camera — but doesn’t come with one

You might have noticed that the display showing Sony's final PlayStation VR setup included the PlayStation camera, which has been around since PS4's launch. That is indeed a required accessory, and it is indeed... sold separately. A Sony spokesperson noted that many people already have a PlayStation camera, but for those who don't will need to note that it's a necessary purchase. (The Move controllers are also sold separately, but that's less a concern given many games can use a DualShock 4 controller.)

The PlayStation VR will go on sale this October for $399, but those who don't already have a camera will have to pay up to $59.99 MSRP for the camera (though you can almost assuredly find it on sale for less). Sony Move controllers, which will be required for some content, are also excluded from the base model of the PlayStation VR. Sony tells us they're planning to release PlayStation VR bundles, and that these might be included in some of those, but the company's waiting to announce exact details.