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Kanye West updates The Life of Pablo for the second time

Kanye West updates The Life of Pablo for the second time


Vic Mensa and Sia are back on ‘Wolves’

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

After a month of no changes, Kanye West has made his second update to his latest album, The Life of Pablo, in just two days. Tidal subscribers who listen to TLOP now will find the finished version of "Wolves," that debuted during Yeezy Season 1 featuring Vic Mensa and Sia. West has also broken out Frank Ocean's outro into its own track, aptly called "Frank's Track." Kanye foreshadowed the changes in a tweet, saying he was fixing "Wolves" after working on the track for three weeks.

The changes come a day after Kanye first made good on his original promise to keep updating the Tidal version of his latest release, tweaking production and lyrics on album track "Famous" just as anyone who signed up to Jay Z's streaming service to hear TLOP would find their free trial running out.

It wasn't clear what Kanye meant when he first said the album would be updated — would he make wholesale changes, or finetune minuscule parts? — but the (re)addition of Vic Mensa and Sia to "Wolves" shows that he's listening to his audience. Now the wait begins for Turbo Grafx 16.