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Americans increasingly approve of gay and lesbian adults adopting kids


Americans have grown increasingly supportive of gay and lesbian adults adopting kids, and a new report from the CDC shows just how far attitudes have shifted. In a survey completed in 2013, nearly 75 percent of women said they agreed that gay or lesbian adults should have the right to adopt children — up from 55 percent in 2002. Men aren’t as accepting. Only 68 percent say they're in support, up from 47 percent 10 years prior. Even though men lag behind, the results depict a major shift over a decade, with acceptance growing from a slight majority of the population to closer to three-quarters of the population.

Approval of same-sex relationships also grew, hitting 60 percent among women and 49 percent among men. Given recent major political shifts, like the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide in June 2015, it’s possible that these figures have grown even further since. Many states, like Mississippi, still have laws that prohibit or limit same-sex couples from adopting, so shifting views on adoption are every bit as important as advocates continue to press for equality.