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Uber's new ‘Family Profiles' lets one person pay for up to 10 riders

Uber's new ‘Family Profiles' lets one person pay for up to 10 riders


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Cellular companies have the "family plan," and now Uber has "family profiles," in which one person can pay for rides for up 10 family members, friends, or coworkers. The company announced Wednesday that it would be testing the new payment system in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. The idea came from feedback from riders who wanted a way to consolidate trip payments under one account, Uber says.

The person who wants to be responsible for paying for all those rides sends invites through the app to everyone he or she wants to add to their plan. Once that invitation is accepted, all future Uber rides will be billed directly to the organizer, who will receive a receipt for every ride.


The program is not limited to just family. Uber says benevolent bosses who want to cover their employees for-hire vehicle rides can use it too. But Uber says it's ideal for parents with kids away at college or adults who want to help elderly parents "maintain their independence."

This is likely the most significant change to Uber's payment methods since 2013, when the company announced it would allow riders to split fares with friends.