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Sony launches PlayStation Video app on Android

Sony launches PlayStation Video app on Android

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Sony has launched a new PlayStation Video app for Android that allows PS4, PS3, and Vita owners to stream films and TV shows obtained from the PlayStation Store to their smartphones and tablets. New episodes and movies can also be bought inside the app, software that marks the first time Android users can watch their purchases and rentals away from one of Sony's consoles, Xperia phones, or via a small selection of Sony smart TVs.

While the app's already scored good reviews from Android users, there's one missing feature that some are complaining about: PlayStation Vue. Sony made its subscription service available across the US earlier this week — albeit without live shows from the biggest four TV networks — after a lengthy trial period, but so far it's only made a dedicated app available on iOS and Amazon's Fire TV. There is a section for Vue in the new Android app, but it's unclear whether it's a promotional area or if it can be used to sign up for and stream the service; on the Nexus 5X we tested the app on, the Vue page was mostly broken. Android owners with a Vue subscription may be feeling left out, but they could always take solace in the fact that the new PlayStation Video app is exclusive to their platform, meaning people with both Apple phones and large libraries of movies bought from the PlayStation Store are in a similar situation.