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Microsoft promises 'exciting update' for Windows 10 maps after Here removal

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Here Maps announced its plans to drop support for Windows Phone and Windows 10 yesterday. As the primary mapping service for Windows Phone, it leaves existing users with Microsoft's own lackluster maps app. Thankfully, Microsoft appears to be ready to improve its own maps situation. In a post on Reddit, a verified Microsoft employee identified as Dave_MSFT reveals that the company has an "exciting update" planned for the Windows 10 maps app.

The upcoming update will include an improved driving mode, which is one part of Microsoft's maps app that has fallen behind the Here version. Microsoft is planning to release the update to Windows 10 testers first, before rolling it out to existing devices. Dave_MSFT appears to be very active in collecting feedback for Microsoft's maps app on Reddit, so it's clear the company is listening to how it can improve its maps experience now that Here is disappearing.