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Nikon brags about its rich heritage using Fujifilm camera

Nikon brags about its rich heritage using Fujifilm camera


The perils of stock photography

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Nikon might want to take a closer look at the cameras that appear in its ads. Photographer David McDonald spotted the poster above in a shop in Northern Ireland, pointing out that the retro-looking camera is not, in fact, one of Nikon's. Instead, it appears to be a Fujifilm x100, with the branding around the lens Photoshopped out.

And the rabbit hole goes even deeper. Another photographer, David Hobby, pointed out that the image in the advert is actually a stock photo from Shutterstock showing a "set of cool stuff on [a] wooden background." That means it's likely that the spectacles (which the poster is supposedly advertising) probably aren't Nikon's either.

We did check the logo, though, and that's definitely theirs.

Update Friday March 18th, 08.15AM ET: Nikon says the poster was an "oversight," and was displayed in only a single store. "The poster has since been removed from the store and we are taking measures to strengthen the review process of our marketing material," said the company. "We thank Mr David McDonald for bringing this to our attention."