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Ring updates its smart doorbell with 1080p video, advanced motion detection

Ring updates its smart doorbell with 1080p video, advanced motion detection


Answer your door from your phone

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Smart doorbell maker Ring is one of those rare Internet of Things companies that actually creates useful products. Its latest is the $250 Video Doorbell Pro, an updated version of its original $199 Video Doorbell. The basic premise is the same: the doorbells connect to your Wi-Fi, and when someone rings it you can answer from your phone with a video call. It's handy if you've got a delivery you don't want to miss, or if you work from home and don't fancy getting up from your desk every time someone comes calling.

The $250 version is slimmer with better video quality

Like the original Video Doorbell, the Pro has a night vision mode and the option of saving up to six months of video to the cloud (for a fee of $3 a month or $30 a year). The new $250 version, though, is slimmer and has a better resolution camera than the original (1080p video compared to 720p) and also has new configurable motion-detection zones, allowing users to draw (using the connected app) exactly which parts of the doorbell's view should be closely watched:

Drawing out motion-sensor zones on the Video Doorbell Pro. (Image credit: Ring)

If you're in need of a smart doorbell, then the Pro is a good option to consider, and investors seem to think the same too. VentureBeat reports that Ring has raised an additional $61.2 million in a series C funding round, with the company planning to now expand its product lineup and expand internationally.