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The White House created a Twitter account for its Supreme Court nominee

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Republican senators have said they won't approve or even consider President Barack Obama's soon-to-be-announced Supreme Court nominee, but that isn't stopping the administration from bringing its suggestion to the public. The White House plans to announce the nominee at 11AM ET today, and in the hours leading up to the unveiling, it's been tweeting from the new account @SCOTUSnom. The handle is a place for Obama to make his case for the eventual nominee, one that is said to be "hard to ignore."

This isn't the first time the current administration has brought a testy issue to public online forums. Last year, it made a Twitter account to represent the Iran nuclear deal. Both that account and @SCOTUSnom aim to gain public support for Obama's goals.

First Lady Michelle Obama also harnesses social media platforms, like Vine, to bring attention to the issues about which she cares most. As she explained in an interview with The Verge, "We know we have to meet young people where they are — they’re not watching the nightly news, they’re not watching the Sunday morning shows, they’re not reading the newspapers. They’re on their phones."