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Tidal is extending free trials by a month to let users hear Kanye's updated album

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More Pablo

Tidal users who signed up for the service to hear Kanye West's latest album The Life of Pablo are getting their free trials extended by 30 days. Users who signed up to listen to the exclusive album when it was released on February 14th were about to lose their free trials, ironically on the same week when West pushed out an update to the project in an unprecedented move.

Instead of letting those trials lapse, Tidal sent out an email to users letting them know they have an extra month to hear West's new album (legally, that is).


TLOP has changed twice in the past two days, as the notorious perfectionist tweaked the beat and part of a verse on "Famous," released a reworked version of "Wolves" featuring Vic Mensa and Sia who were both on the pre-album edition of the track, and added an extra song "Frank's Track" (which was formerly the outro to "Wolves").

In true Tidal fashion, the gesture did not come without a blunder, with the email calling the track "Fade" a new song, despite it being on TLOP when it was released and debuting last September during West's Yeezy Season 2 fashion show. Some things never change.