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Chelsea Handler's Netflix show will air three days a week starting May 11th

Chelsea Handler's Netflix show will air three days a week starting May 11th

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Netflix's first talk show is almost here. Chelsea Handler announced this morning that her show will premiere on May 11th; it'll run three days a week — Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday — with half-hour, commercial-free episodes. They'll all remain up on Netflix permanently.

How will a daily show perform on Netflix?

Handler's show will be the first regularly scheduled series on Netflix. Though Netflix has shows that return year after year, it's never done daily or weekly programming. It'll be interesting to see how successful timely content will be on a platform that regularly brags about its ability to pick up niche films and wait around for them to find an audience. But Handler will be a big draw, leaving her popular E! series Chelsea Lately in August. Netflix has also been building her profile across its own platform with a series of comedy specials.

Netflix still hasn't said much about the show's format. In a note announcing these first details, Handler mentions that she'll be "traveling around the world and learning new things," so it's possible that the show will look more like her comedy specials than a traditional talk show. Handler is yet to announce the show's name, either. But Netflix has been teasing that announcement, so it'll likely come soon.

Update March 17th, 3:40PM ET: It did come soon! A day after announcing her show's premiere date, Handler got on Periscope to reveal its title: Chelsea. According to Variety, she also mentioned that the show will be filmed in front of a live audience but will not be broadcast live. Episodes will debut about 12 hours after they've been shot. There will be 90 episodes made each year, meaning the show will have to take several hiatuses.