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Samsung is addicted to bedazzling its gadgets

Samsung is addicted to bedazzling its gadgets


No one is buying this

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Samsung has a problem. It can't stop putting stones on its devices. It keeps happening. The company needs help. And now the problem has escalated. Mere Swarovski crystals weren't enough for Samsung. No, now it's graduated to the harder stuff. The hardest stuff. Samsung has partnered with swiss jeweler de Grisogono to create a Gear S2 with over 100 black and white diamonds.

The limited edition watch — which no one who has ever come into contact with anything resembling taste would wear — also features the galuchat watch band found on de Grisogono's traditional watches, and a pair of watch faces designed by the jeweler. de Grisogono is calling it the first luxury jewelry smartwatch, which is technically true but nonetheless tacky.


Samsung hasn't said how much the watch will cost when it's released this summer, but if you're in the market for a Samsung watch you should probably skip the diamonds and go for the regular Gear S2. Or literally anything else.