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Windows 10 apps are coming to the Xbox One this summer

Windows 10 apps are coming to the Xbox One this summer

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Microsoft is planning to allow developers to bring Windows 10 apps to the Xbox One this summer. While Microsoft plans to reveal more about its Xbox One app store at Build later this month, Microsoft's Jason Ronald revealed at GDC today that Windows 10 apps will be able to run on the Xbox One in the summer. It's the first time we've heard a specific date for the apps, but it's still not clear exactly how the store will work and whether Microsoft will curate it heavily. Business Insider reports that Microsoft is planning to gradually open up apps for the Xbox One over the course of the year.

Microsoft is aiming to make games development for Windows a lot easier for developers thanks to its universal apps strategy for Windows 10. Developers can create a single app for a PC, tablet, phone, and the Xbox, with changes required to suit each varied screen size. Apps on the Xbox One are very clearly different to those that are available on a phone, so it will be a challenge for Microsoft to ensure there's a quality level for Xbox apps.

Critics like Epic Games' Tim Sweeney have labelled this universal apps approach a "walled garden," but Microsoft's Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, argues that apps for Windows 10 are a "fully open ecosystem." Regardless of the criticism, we're still expecting to hear more about the Windows 10 games and apps that will arrive in the summer as part of Microsoft's Build developer conference. Build kicks off on March 30th and The Verge will be covering it live.

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