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Apple’s latest iPhone ad stars Cookie Monster

Apple’s latest iPhone ad stars Cookie Monster

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Apple ads have featured Aubrey Plaza, Jamie Foxx, and Killer Mike in recent months, but the company's latest iPhone commercial has enlisted the help of a real A-list celebrity — Cookie Monster. The Sesame Street star appears in a new ad that highlights the uses of Siri, in which he uses his gravelly voice to set a kitchen timer for his cookies, and uses Apple's digital assistant play a waiting playlist.

The company has been reiterating the hands-free capabilities of Siri lately in a series of short ads, using Foxx and basketball star Steph Curry to pick out features customers may already be familiar with. But while Siri is capable of more and more these days, sadly it can't yet speed up time, and in Apple's newest ad, the blue-furred cookie addict is stuck staring forlornly at his snacks as they take forever to bake. He tries to kill time by reading, playing, and conducting some oven glove theater, but it's no good — Siri reveals less than a minute has passed. It's like they say: a watched cookie never cooks.

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