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Twitter’s algorithmic timeline is now on by default

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Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Users no longer have a choice when it comes to opting into Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline. The company quietly began turning the timeline reorganization on by default this week, starting on March 15, The Next Web reports. The company also updated its timeline help page to clarify how its new feed works and how users can opt out.

The company announced and launched its new algorithm in early February. Although multiple high-profile users threatened to leave the social media platform prior to the release of the algorithm, the doomsday scenario hasn’t yet played out. And while the new timeline is turned on by default, for now, it’s at least still optional.

while the new timeline is turned on by default, it’s still optional

Instagram announced a similar move this week. It plans to launch a new feed that will sort posts according to interest, as opposed to chronologically. When that feed comes out of beta, however, users won’t have a choice but to opt into it.

Twitter said in a comment to The Verge: "As we said in our announcement, we're rolling out our timeline improvements to everyone over time. People can still choose to opt out of it in their settings."

3/17, 10:45 AM ET: Updated to include Twitter's comment.