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Samsung's TabPro S will be available for $899.99 starting tomorrow

Samsung's TabPro S will be available for $899.99 starting tomorrow

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung today announced that its TabPro S convertible tablet will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, March 18th. The TabPro S runs Windows 10, comes with a keyboard case, and will cost $899.99. An optional pen will be available later in the year.

The TabPro S borrows a lot from Microsoft's own Surface line, including its convertible design. Its call to fame is its 12-inch Super AMOLED display, which Samsung says is the first in this size class. Samsung's tablet is thinner and less powerful than Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, as it uses Intel's Core M processor. It does not have many ports, but Samsung is offering a breakout box to expand port options on the device.

Samsung says that the TabPro S will work with the Galaxy S7, allowing owners of both devices to unlock the PC using their phone's fingerprint scanner. It will also mirror notifications from the phone to the PC and allow for automatic hotspot activation on the phone. These features will be available via a software update in the coming weeks.

Samsung isn't the only company aping Microsoft's design: Huawei, HP, and Lenovo all have similar devices already out or coming soon. It's taken a few years, but it seems like Microsoft's ideas are finally starting to catch on with its hardware partners. You'll be able to buy Samsung's take at Microsoft stores, Best Buy, and through Samsung directly starting tomorrow.