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Michael Kors launches his first smartwatch line

Michael Kors launches his first smartwatch line


They run Android Wear, of course

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Android Wear is on a tear this week, having just launched new watches from Nixon and Fossil at Baselworld. Now fashion designer Michael Kors is adding his imprimatur to a couple of smartwatches running Android Wear. The line is called Michael Kors Access, and it starts at $395.

Beyond that, we know more about Kors and his brand than we do about the particular tech specs of these two watches. We know that Kors has decided to maintain a variety of price points to keep the brand accessible — and that apparently helps with the teens. We also know that Kors is creating watches that are targeted at both men and women. At least one of them will have interchangeable leather and silicone bands.

As for tech specs, it doesn't appear like there's anything special here beyond custom Kors watchfaces. But Michael Kors is assuming (correctly) that people will be more interested in participating in his luxury brand than worrying about the processor.

The watches will be available in "Fall 2016."