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Microsoft unveils new Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow Xbox One controllers

Microsoft unveils new Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow Xbox One controllers

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Microsoft unveiled two new special edition Xbox One controllers today, one called Dusk Shadow and the other Copper Shadow. The Dusk Shadow edition features a blue gradient color scheme while the Copper is rather self-explanatory. The variations follow a trio of military-inspired Xbox One controllers released last year, and Microsoft says it's "committed to providing a range of controller options for gamers, as we know they value choice," writes Larry "Major Neslon" Hryb, the company's director of programming for Xbox Live.

The Copper edition will be available in the US from Microsoft stores and GameStop, while the Dusk Shadow edition will be sold exclusively through Microsoft stores with a limited time release at Best Buy. Both will cost $69.99 and come with the hardware updates the company issued last year, including the addition of a 3.5mm audio port for connecting any type of headphones to the device.

Both controllers will be available later this month for $69.99

You can preorder either product starting today, but release date seem to vary. GameStop says the Copper Shadow controller ships on March 24th, while Microsoft says it starts shipping both new controllers on March 22nd. Best Buy doesn't start shipping the Dusk Shadow edition until April 10th. Other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil, will get both controllers later this month with a broader global release in select markets April.