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Microsoft updates Windows 10 Maps app with better search and driving interface

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As promised yesterday, Microsoft has added new features and made a series of tweaks to its Windows 10 Maps app. Users of the updated version of the app will be able to view multiple search results on the same map, follow redesigned turn-by-turn instructions when driving, and see favorite spots offline, among other smaller changes. You'll now be able to view both restaurants and hotels on the same map, for example, and see a selection of routes layered on top of each other.

Microsoft teased the update on Reddit

Microsoft foreshadowed an "exciting update" to Windows 10 Maps on Reddit yesterday after it was revealed Here, the mapping app that became the de facto choice for Windows Phone users over the past few years, would no longer work with Windows 10 from March 29th. The new updates to Windows 10 Maps go some way to softening the blow of that loss, and answers the most common request from users to update its driving UI, but Microsoft still has some way to go before its lackluster mapping app rivals better alternatives available on iOS and Android.

The update to Windows 10 Maps will be available to Windows Insiders first. There's currently no indication when it'll arrive with regular users, but with March 29th under two weeks away, Microsoft will want to move fast to paper over the gap left by another big app's departure from its platform.