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Mickey Mouse will get run over, again and again, in Disney Crossy Road

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Crossy Road has been a smash hit and Disney wants a slice of the action. The multimedia conglomerate is teaming up with developers Hipster Whale to create Disney Crossy Road, a version of the game featuring classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The title was announced at the Game Developers Conference earlier this week and will be "coming soon" to Android, iOS, and other platforms.

Disney Crossy Road will feature the same Frogger-inspired gameplay as the original, with GameSpot reporting that it will have more than 100 unlockable characters from Pixar and Disney properties, as well as nine themed worlds, each with their own 8-bit soundtrack. The release of the game will follow an established trend for the House of Mouse. It's previously created its own version of mobile business simulator Tiny Tower (Star Wars: Tiny Death Star) and endless runner Temple Run (Temple Run: Brave). What's next, Monument Valley featuring Disney princesses? We hope not.