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Sony's PlayStation VR bundle is $499, includes camera and Move controllers

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Preorders start on Tuesday

Sony has announced that a PlayStation VR "launch bundle" will be available for preorder beginning Tuesday, and it'll be priced at $499. The bundle, Sony claims, is "exclusively for pre-sale and in limited quantities." You'll be able to get it from all the retailers you'd expect (Best Buy, GameStop, etc.), and it includes the core PlayStation VR device plus a PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move controllers. As an added bonus, Sony's also throwing PlayStation VR Worlds into this set. That comes in addition to the free Playroom VR digital download that all VR buyers will receive.

This process is actually the only way — at least for right now — to reserve your PlayStation VR. The $399 core product isn't available to preorder separately. And even once it becomes available, you'll still need to buy a PlayStation Camera if you don't own one already. According to Sony, there will be a second preorder "wave" over the summer for consumers who miss out the first time. The PlayStation VR Launch Bundle will also be available in Canada for $699.99 CAD. Be sure to check out our impressions of Sony's VR headset from earlier this week at GDC.