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Silicon Valley’s new season three trailer is just as dumb as we were hoping

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The latest trailer for the upcoming third season of HBO's Silicon Valley has arrived, and it looks as funny (and intentionally stupid) as we've come to expect. Thomas Middleditch's Richard is struggling to keep control of his company after a new CEO is brought in, T.J. Miller's Erlich is still confusing bravado with competence, and Jared... well, if you've ever watched the show then you know that there's just no helping Jared.

Mike Judge's comedy was a little bit of a question mark when it first debuted in 2014 as part of a wave of shows that were trying to capitalize on fascination with the tech industry. The thing about Silicon Valley, however, is that Judge and his team made something that was actually good, combining crazy performances, dead-on satire, and math-inspired dick jokes to create something truly unique. The third season of Silicon Valley debuts April 24th on HBO.