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McDonald's anime ad needs five seasons and a movie

McDonald's anime ad needs five seasons and a movie


A coming-of-age story under the Golden Arches

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You aren’t wrong to think of McDonald's as a sprawling American corporation peddling fatty burgers. But what if McDonalds — and its impossibly commoditized design — is also the perfect anime coming-of-age setting? Well, McDonald's new "Crew ni Narō" recruitment campaign, meaning "join the crew," places young Sumire in the role of novice employee who must earn the loyalty and respect of her superiors through hard work and dedication.

Different versions of the video, which is produced by Studio Colorido with voice acting from numerous members of AKB48, have been produced for various regions. They all fall under the company's "Mirai no Watashi" (The Future Me) initiative to hire part-time workers, according to Anime News Network. I can't tell what's being said, but that doesn't really matter. This anime short is so expressive and joyous that it easily crosses the language barrier. Also, I have a soft spot for aesthetically-pleasing ads:

Now I really want a McDonald's anime with some of the art form's more traditional elements. Picture it: Sumire, burger flipper by day, supernatural demon fighter by night.