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Microsoft's never-ending list of excuses


So Microsoft has just Windows Phone Sevened their users yet again. And guess what, they have a whole list of excuses.

They release carrier-exclusive phones, then say "Carriers are preventing the update."
So why give carriers any exclusives? Or why not release an unlocked version? Where's the Icon for the rest of us in North America?

They don't release a flagship, flooding the market with low-end devices that barely handle WM10, then say "these are low-end devices, what do you expect?"
You're the ones who released all this low-end crap! No one was begging you to release a Snapdragon 200 device! Why choose the worst thing Qualcomm has and outdated chips (S400)?

They delay WP over and over and then say "old phones won't get it. It's an old phone, what did you expect?"
It's an "old" phone because you delayed WM10. iOS versions updates are yearly. Microsoft are the ones that choose this big update years after WP8. The L1020 was not "old" when WM10 was announced or when W10 (it's the same Windows, remember?) was released. And the reason why people have these old x2x generation phones is because the x3x was not available everywhere, oh yeah and because YOU CANCELLED THE L940! Remember? When iOS makes an update, there are people with iPhone 6S, and 6, and 5S and 5. There's a reason why your users have L950s and L920s and few in between. And that reason is you, Microsoft.

People that held on to their 920s and 1020s (and 925s and 928s) in hopes that something as good would come, this is the reward for your patience. Not only is there no 1040/1050, or that the 950s suck, but you're also being WP Sevened. Thanks for your patience.

They don't release phones, saying "We want our OEM partners to fill that market" then the OEMs don't update to WM10 and "It's not our fault."
That was Microsoft's brilliant new strategy, right? Microsoft will release S200 and S400 phones and OEMS will do the rest. Microsoft wants to work with partners. So there was no L940, but those that want something better than a Snapdragon 400 device could get the HTC M8. Well, the HTC M8 isn't getting W10.

So there you have it. WM10 doesn't arrive, it's because the devices are old, low-end, carriers, OEMs, you're-holding-it-wrong.

WM10 is buggy, it's because the devices are old, low-end, it-works-for-me, do-a-hard-reset, works-for-me, buy-the-950s, yeah, but the 950. Keep investing more time and money in this platform. If it's not working, just put $1000 more.

Oh, what do you say? The L950s are buggy - it's the hardware though, it's not the OS, it's the firmware. Just update to 234920342-342342sdgk or 34-8sdfpj4590usdf. I get error 2340sifdijsd34adsf. Beta. WM10 is not ready. WM10 is in beta. The iris scanner is in beta. It works perfectly for me. Join the insider program. Do free work for Microsoft. That'll show them.

Litany of excuses.

The crazy thing is that with every move Apple or Google make, they gain users. With every move Microsoft make, they decimate their user base.

Think of this. 3 years ago, Apple release the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint scanner that just worked and was improved with every new version (6, 6S) Microsoft's answer to this is 3 years later with an iris scanner in beta? Why beta? Is 3 years not enough time? Do they not sell off-the-shelf fingerprint scanners that just work? Tried and trusted ones that have worked on PCs since ever? It's like asking someone to walk across the room and they insist on moving in backflips, failing, and then coming up with an excuse.

Wow. Just wow.