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Who wil get my Dell Venue 8 Pro


When I'm gone, who will get my Dell Venue 8 Pro? It's not the sparkliest of the bunch anymore, but it does have the revised pen, and an OEM screen shutting down case/folio. There are some hairline scratches to be found, but only when you look for them. I only write this because it MY Dell Venue 8 Pro. I still remember buying it from Walmart, the box had the sealing circle tape cut already, I didn't think too much of it till I got it home, as I re-unwrapped my tablet, I felt I was not doing myself and this at the time wowness of full Windows on a 7" tablet.

I remember the frustration with the first iteration of the stylus, Wacom would be my choice, but the first intro was just wack. I complained and railed "against the establishment", Read article after article, on re-calibration, even shit close to witchdoctor typle lore. Now the Holy Grail.....battery life.....which sucks, I mean so bad that I feel like I can go from full to empty from a spare bedroom to the garage. Forgetaboutit. Now to this very day it's hit or miss wihen it comes to it getting charged. Some micro USB's work and some don't, still don't get it, and if I did have the time, and could go back in time to a time when I have actual enthusiasm about the world, then maybe I would attempt to fix it, but now I have to sell it.

To make a very tedious story short. I've already rebought a Playbook........

The future isn't too hard to see....