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Verge ESP: Why does music make you lose control?

Verge ESP: Why does music make you lose control?


Plus a report from the home stretch of SXSW, genetic testing, orcas and more

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Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

You'll never believe it, but Emily is still at SXSW in Austin, where the events have shifted from the film festival and interactive conference to the sprawling, inconcievably huge music festival. And what better time to talk about the effect music has on our brains? We've all been in the car or at a show when a song comes on that provokes a seemingly involuntary physical reaction, whether it's goosebumps or a bout of extreme headbanging. Neuroscientist Valorie Salimpoor has been doing research on that very phenomenon, and Liz talks to her about the mysteries of chills, memory, and Tïësto.

But first! Did the success of 2013 documentary Blackfish have something to do with SeaWorld's decision to stop orca breeding? Does genetic testing by companies like 23andme really change anyone's health habits? And has SXSW become the IRL manifestation of Too Much Content? We will ask all of these questions; we will answer ... some of them.

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