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Google Maps now lets you customize locations with colorful stickers

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Live in a treehouse, if that's your thing


Google Maps for Android has a new update out today that lets you ascribe stickers to your home and work locations, as well as label other areas of interest like your local gym and favorite places to eat. The neat-looking doodles, of which there are 24 to choose from, range from castles and barns to igloos and treehouses. Once you pick one, it will show up on the map at whatever addresses you've saved in your app. You must sign in with a Google account to use the features, the company wrote in a blog post.

Google has a reason to want users to login with Google Maps and save addresses for home and work locations. The company can provide ever-smarter algorithmic suggestions and features so long as users are willing to let its apps learn and study your behavior. For instance, Google's Driving Mode will let you tap a single button to get ETAs and traffic conditions to preset locations like home and work. The more Google knows — and the more you let it learn — the better its products can get.