Review of Dell's Inspiron i7-7759


The Dell Inspiron i7-7559 is a 800 dollar highly affordable gaming laptop with surprising specifications for a laptop of its camber. I recently sold my Gaming Desktop, which was a mid range set up with an AMD X4 760k 16gb of Crucial DDR3 and a MSI 760GTX. I loved this desktop but I was never at home enough to play it, so i set out in search of a laptop that could provide a similar performance, and thus i found the Inspiron 7759

*NOTE* My particular model is an offset of the base model where instead of the 1TB 5400 rpm drive, i have a 256GB M.2 PCI-E Solid State Drive

Lets dive into the specifications!

Hard Disk

The Dell Inspiron rocks a Sandisk Z400s Solid State Drive, delivering a lovely Read speed of performance 538mbps and a write of 346.3mbps

I have never been a huge fan of Solid State drives alone so i do have a generic 500gb hard disk for storing my main games. On my SSD however sits my Operating system of choice Windows 10 64-bit, as well as my productivity software, Microsoft Office 365. I can go from completely off to on, and Office still feels as if it were minimized, thus making it less of a hassle to begin taking note for a lecture.


Next up is the CPU- Intel's i5 Skylake is a great processor which is what caused me to choose this over Asus's ROG GL551 2014 model. This processor specifically the i5 6300HQ runs 4 cores (Single thread each) at 2.3ghz with a whopping turbo up to 3.2ghz. I love this processor and I am highly impressed with it's performance.


The Nvidia 960M is impressive with a 3DMark score of 5187 combined placing it at 35% higher than of all results. Now when considering a laptop the 2GB and 4GB variants are not important as the architecture of the processor cannot make use of the extra VRAM given, though it can't hurt.


The screen is a IPS 1920x1080 matte finish screen that provides excellent colors, though it is not as high end as some other laptops such as the Razer Blade, it does deliver, and dell uses the same model of screen in their 15' Alienware.

The keyboard is not the best but it is back-lit which I do enjoy for late night cram-sessions for exams the next day. It does bow a little, and the keys do not have much travel distance, but I do not mind it.

The laptop comes with 3 3.0 USB ports, one SD card reader, a Headset jack, and an HDMI Output.

The fan's on this laptop are remarkable, with three heatsinks i find myself using the laptop in passive mode (fans off) a majority of the time, even while gaming. The fans will kick on every once in a while especially while in your lap but if sitting on a desk it's unnoticeable even when they come on.


Overall I have been very pleased with Dell's release of this Inspiron with its use of the brand new Intel 6th Gen Skylake processors, paired with a great 960m GTX GPU making this a great laptop for gaming and school work. You can see my pictures on the below imgur links!


Guys this was my first review, I hope you enjoyed this and please provide constructive feedback! Thanks!

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