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This is the insane motorcycle of Batman's wildest dreams

The Lazareth LM847 has four wheels and a Maserati Quattroporte engine

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The Maserati Quattroporte is a large sports saloon that can accommodate and transport four people in sumptuous luxury. To do that, it needs a big and powerful V8 engine. You know what doesn't need a 4.7-liter V8? A motorcycle. But for Ludovic Lazareth, designer of the Lazareth LM847, need is not an important consideration. His new four-wheeled bike is literally built around Maseratti's Quattroporte engine, and the only reason for it is that he just liked the look of the engine. Just because you can, thinks this brazen Frenchman, absolutely means you should.

The Lazareth LM847 will look familiar to Tron lightcycle and Batcycle fans, though it's more than a mere stunt prop. It only has one gear, but it can reach a maximum speed of 150km/h and even tilts into corners — by as much as 30 degrees, if you're feeling sufficiently daring. The thing is obviously enormous and undeniably ridiculous, but it's also quite an achievement to make it operable at all. The Dodge Tomahawk is probably the closest real-world analog to the Lazareth, though it was never street-legal.

Just because you can...

Like most of the supercars on show here at Geneva, this bike is a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum, and glass, with the front windshield and rear mudguards split in half. It certainly ticks all the checkboxes for aggressive and muscular aesthetics. Lazareth says that his creation is essentially a mobile sculpture and should appeal to collectors and just "people with money." The LM847 is unique, as you might imagine with a bike strapped with a Maserati V8, but once this first one sells, the designer plans to build two more. The original black-and-red Laserati LM847 is priced at €200,000 and available to buy now.

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