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The Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine is opulence on an astonishing scale

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Vlad Savov

The Bentley Mulsanne is perhaps the most elegant way to be chauffeured around, insulated from the hoi polloi. There's plenty of legroom, massaging seats, and curtains to close out the world and get some privacy, or perhaps just a nap on your way to an important business meeting.

But the back of the Mulsanne only has two seats. What if you have more than two people to haul around? Bentley's bespoke Mulliner division has you covered.

For the extremely well-heeled, the company will happily stretch the already enormous 18-foot 3.5-inch Mulsanne to fit more seats, something it calls the Mulsanne Grand Limousine. This particular model, custom built for an exacting customer, was stretched by more than three feet in order to fit two rear-facing seats in impeccable comfort and style.

Take a massive car and make it massiver

A new HVAC system ensures that everyone is the right temperature, while four iPad charging and docking stations keep the crew entertained. A bottle cooler with crystal champagne flutes keeps everyone refreshed, too. An electrochromic "smart glass" barrier keeps even the driver's prying eyes at bay, too.

The car itself is jaw-droopingly massive, but Bentley tells me it still performs more than adequately. Pricing, naturally, was not disclosed.