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Watch the newest trailer for Disney and Pixar's Finding Dory

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It's swimming into theaters on June 17th

Ellen DeGeneres is unveiling a new trailer for Finding Dory on her show this morning, and it's the most substantive look yet at Disney and Pixar's long-awaited aquatic sequel. (The movie's first trailer was released back in November.) The follow-up to 2003's beloved Finding Nemo revolves around Dory's (DeGeneres) quest to find her parents (played by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy) in California, and she's helped along the way by old friends like Nemo and his father, Marlin. It seems like Finding Nemo's plot has just been grafted onto a new movie and a slightly tweaked cast of characters, but Finding Nemo was delightful. I understand the impulse to avoid tinkering with a formula that worked so well the first time around, and there's a whole new generation of kids ready to dive into this world for the first time alongside Dory.

You'll have to wait a few more months before returning to the sea: Finding Dory is being released on June 17th.