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Netflix's Fuller House was just renewed for a second season

Despite getting largely negative reviews in the days since its premiere, Netflix's Fuller House has just been renewed for a second season. That means the whole gang will be back for another go at some point next year.

Netflix made the announcement on Twitter this morning:

Fuller House debuted last Friday with its first 13-episode season. The series follows DJ Tanner-Fuller (get it?) returning to San Francisco to raise her three children after her husband dies. But because it's a heavy load, her sister Stephanie and is-she-really-a-friend Kimmy Gibbler join her. Members of the original cast (sans Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) pop up from time to time.

However, even though this is a nostalgia-fest for the ages, reviewers have so far panned the effort. It's badAs Vox's Todd VanDerWerff wrote, "It's not just bad. It's an inescapable nightmare." Clearly, this nightmare is nowhere near its end.