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Pro tip: How to wrap your headphones so they never tangle

Pro tip: How to wrap your headphones so they never tangle

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Hello! My name is Dieter Bohn and I have problems. My main problem is that I look around at my fellow humans and see them dealing with little problems that shouldn't be problems. I see tangled cables, messy computer interfaces, and wildly confusing living room TV setups. For whatever reason, I really enjoy solving these small problems and then stare agog when I see people just living with them. Then I run up and tell them I can fix it and, well, they stare back at me in confusion. "Okay Dieter. You're weird." Yes, I am — so you don't have to be.

But I know I'm not alone in enjoying fixing this stuff. So we're going to make some videos about these little fixes. This isn't a "Getting Things Done" system. I don't believe that people should spend their time hacking how to spend their time (even though some of us are weak and end up burning through To Do List apps like we're looking for the best brand of cigarettes). You could call these tips "life hacks" — but I hate that term too, because "life hacks" usually end up being vapid, dumb, or more work that they're worth. They pretend like you have this massive problem and this One Weird Trick is going to change everything for you. It won't, because you don't have a massive problem, you have an invisible stack of hundreds of little ones.

We're starting with one of those little ones here: tangled cords. In future episodes we'll talk about other little fixes we've discovered and found ourselves evangelizing to anybody who will listen. And if you've got your own tips (or wish somebody would come up with a fix for something), please email us: