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Apple Watch now $299, available with new bands

Apple Watch now $299, available with new bands

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Apple has slashed the starting price of the Apple Watch to $299, the company announced during its event today. It's kind of surprising that Apple would cut the price of a new device a year after launch without introducing a new model, but the Apple Watch has been on sale at Target and Best Buy at that price for some time, so it's essentially playing catch up.

The company also showed off a slew of new bands for the Apple Watch, a new space black version of the milanese loop, which leaked back in January, new colors for the sport and leather bands, and a new woven nylon band. The new nylon band features a "four layer construction" and will come in seven different colors.

According to Apple, a third of Apple Watch users routinely switch out their bands, so it makes sense that Apple would continue to introduce more options. This collection of new bands is being dubbed the "spring lineup" by Apple, which could mean we'll be getting new bands on a more routine basis moving forward.

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