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The Apple TV just got a major update today with Siri dictation and more

The latest Apple TV set-top box is getting some new, useful features today as part of Apple's tvOS 9.2 update. The best of the bunch is definitely Siri voice dictation, letting you speak to search the App Store or enter your passwords instead of using the annoying on-screen keyboard. tvOS 9.2 also adds iCloud Photo Library, letting you access all of the images you've uploaded to Apple's cloud from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Support for Bluetooth keyboards, the ability to organize apps inside folders, and the addition of a Podcasts app round out the big software update for Apple's living room box. The company has been beta testing tvOS 9.2 for several months now, but starting today everyone can download and install it to take advantage of the new features.

Developing. Check out our iPhone SE and iPad Live Blog for the latest updates and our Apple hub page for all the news!

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