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Apple burns Android and Windows for slow upgrades

Apple burns Android and Windows for slow upgrades


Android updates are slow, Windows upgrades are 'really sad'

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It's been an unusual Apple event, starting off with talk of privacy, environmentalism, and health, but once Apple got into its usual product launch groove, it couldn't resist burning its nearest and dearest competitors. In announcing the iPhone SE and new iOS 9.3 update, Apple noted that 80 percent of active iOS devices are already on iOS 9, contrasting it pointedly to the two percent (technically 2.3 percent) of Android devices on the latest Android Marshmallow. For iPad Pro, Apple's pitch was geared directly to Windows users, aiming to lure them away to a different sort of productivity machine. Phil Schiller chose to highlight a stat that Intel and Microsoft itself have recently been reciting: more than 600 million PCs out there haven't been upgraded for the past five years. "This is really sad," said Schiller, before moving on to talk about the more than 1 million iPad-specific apps in the App Store and particular advantages of the new 9.7-inch Pro tablet.

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