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Netflix is already teasing Adam Sandler's next movie

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It's called The Do-Over and comes out in May

To be honest, I'm kind of impressed with how fast Adam Sandler puts out new movies. Ridiculous 6, his last feature, was just released in December, and today Netflix is announcing that he's almost done with another one.

Netflix posted a teaser for Sandler's next film today. It's called The Do-Over, it co-stars David Spade (who recently finished Joe Dirt 2), and it'll be released on May 27th.

Sandler's movies do really well on Netflix

This first teaser is too brief to get a great sense for the movie, but it doesn't suggest The Do-Over will be a big departure from recent Sandler films. Most of the shots are of women in bikinis, there's at least one bare butt (which, I'm placing money on now, will turn out to be Adam Sandler's butt double), and it just generally looks like a bro-y action comedy. Netflix says it's about a bank manager who fakes his death and "[takes] off on an adventure."

As easy as it is to criticize what we're seeing here, there's a good reason Netflix supports Sandler's movies: a lot of people watch them. More people watched Ridiculous 6 in its first 30 days on Netflix than any other movie during its initial 30 day period. That makes these exclusive Sandler films a big draw as Netflix tries to convince people to sign up (and stay signed up).

This is the second film in Netflix's four-picture deal with Sandler. We have a lot more to look forward to.