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I'd rather watch this 1995 version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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You can now see what Batman vs. Superman would have looked like had it been produced by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher in 1995. This fan trailer, posted by Screencrush, recuts Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, adding VHS artifacts and the classic Batman score.

I am still hopeful the real Batman v Superman, which arrives in theaters this Friday, will be an enjoyable movie. But what I love about this recut — and what's missing from the official trailer — is the sense of spectacle and grandeur. I understand that's a crazy thing to say; this trailer is a blurry mishmash of the same footage. Maybe the music has that much control of my heart strings.

The trailer is edited by the Sleepy Skunk, who produces yearly movie trailer mash-ups. They're worth a look once you've stopped watching this Batman vs. Superman trailer on repeat.