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Are you going to buy Apple's new iPad Pro?

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The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro announced today is perhaps the perfect iPad, or at least the closest Apple has come yet. It's got four speakers built in, has a killer screen, works with the Pencil, and yes, there's even a great camera (with a bit of a bump). All of that tech, which collectively weighs under a pound, is likely to convince many consumers to shell out at least $599, but is it enough to cure slumping tablet sales? Apple's actually not focusing on other tablets in the way its hyping up the new iPad Pro; it's throwing shade at old Windows machines and positioning this — and not the Microsoft Surface — as the perfect replacement to bring those PC owners into the modern, app world of apps, apps, apps. And in the next breath, Apple's promotional video emphasizes that this is the future of personal computing. That's maybe not the messaging we'd have chosen. After yet another iPad unveiling, are you a believer? And if this isn't the tablet you've been waiting for, what's missing?