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Nine other iPhone colors I’d prefer over rose gold

Nine other iPhone colors I’d prefer over rose gold

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iphone se

Apple introduced the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro today. While the devices come with some new features, they also stick to what we've come to expect from the brand. They both come in rose gold.

Now, I didn't think much about rose gold until Apple introduced it to the world with the iPhone 6S. People were so starved for a pop of color (apart from the plastic iPhone 5Cs) that rose gold was declared the it color. Everyone wants a piece of rose gold! There are even think pieces about it!

We are nearing peak rose gold, people, and being the forward-thinking person I am, I've realized we need to vet some other options. I'm sure Apple will read this post and consider our thoughts. Here's what I've got so far for future Apple color options. Let me know what you think and what colors you'd like to see.

Kylie Jenner's nude lip

@janwelters_official @elleuk

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

This is kind of close to rose gold, so I figure it doesn't push Apple too far outside its comfort zone. We all know Kylie Jenner's the lipstick queen of the moment, and she has demonstrated a love for her iPhone, so Apple should probably consider making an aluminum phone case in her honor.

"Potentially Purple"

Sherwin-Williams doesn't give a description for this color, but I love that it's non-committal about its purple hue. Also spring is coming! This works.

Cream puff white

Apple phones are classy. Cream puffs are classy. Therefore, cream puff white is a natural fit for the next iPhone color option. It's still a neutral, so not too bold for all you non-risk takers, but also changes it up a bit from the go-to "space grey" and silver.

My Greek neighborhood's favorite blue

I live in a very Mediterranean area of New York City, and every single place uses the same exact Greek flag blue color for their awnings and decor. I don't know if I naturally like the color or if I've just grown accustomed to seeing it everywhere, but in either case, I wouldn't mind having it as an option for my phone.

Trendy succulent green

I know Apple wants to be the cool kids' brand, and succulents are very cool right now. I do think we're getting close to the end of that trend, too, so Apple would need to have succulent-aluminum ready for iPhone 7.

"Eye Catching"

I think the name speaks for itself here, but yes, it's eye catching, and also fun! Rose gold isn't fun. Eye Catching is fun.

Drake's Hotline Bling pink

#hotlinebling now playing on @welcomeovo.

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Because if we're going to do rose gold, we should select the finest pink. Drake has basically trademarked this color, so it sells itself — and T-Mobile.

A meta no color back

Remember the phone from Clarissa Explains It All? It was clear and you could see through the shell. It would be SO cool to have this for the iPhone. 10/10 would buy.

Literal black

Why isn't there a black iPhone option? Seriously it makes no sense and I don't understand.

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