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Hulk Hogan awarded another $25M from Gawker and its founder

Hulk Hogan awarded another $25M from Gawker and its founder


Brings damages to $140 million

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Gawker Media has been ordered to pay an additional $15 million to Hulk Hogan, on top of the $115 million in damages that were announced on Friday. The company's founder, Nick Denton, has also been ordered to pay $10 million, while former site editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio has to pay $100,000. Altogether, it's just over another $25 million for Hogan in his sex tape case, bringing the suit's total judgement close to $140 million.

Gawker thinks its appeal should go much better

The lawsuit's jury reconvened today to discuss punitive damages, having overwhelmingly decided in Hogan's favor when issuing compensatory damages last week. Hogan has been suing Gawker for posting a video of him having sex, claiming that its publication invaded his privacy. Gawker argued that the material was newsworthy because of Hogan's celebrity status and prior comments on his sex life, therefore making it appropriate to publish.

This initial lawsuit doesn't set any precedent, but there's already concern that its high damages — against both Gawker and specific employees — could scare news outlets that wish to publish controversial material. But the case is far from settled. Gawker has already vowed to appeal, saying that it views its chances during the case's second round as far more favorable.