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Sony decides to offer standalone PlayStation VR preorders after all

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US preorders for PlayStation VR start at 10am ET on Tuesday March 22nd — that's in about eight hours, just to be clear — but PS4 owners who've already amassed a collection of PlayStation peripherals may want to hold off a week. That's because Sony has reversed course on its decision to only offer a bundle for pre-order, so you'll now be able to order the $399.99 standalone headset at the same time on Tuesday March 29th at various retailers.

Sony previously said it would only take preorders for a $499.99 bundle including VR game collection PlayStation VR Worlds; the PlayStation Camera, which is required for PSVR; and two optional PlayStation Move controllers, which will only be required for some games. The camera came out at the same time as the PS4, and PlayStation Move dates back to the PS3, so it's likely that more than a few potential PSVR customers would only want to pick up the headset.