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Google Photos will make your vacation album for you

Google Photos will make your vacation album for you

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Thanks to its latest update, Google Photos can now automatically compile and suggest an album of your latest photos. No longer will those dozens of photos you take on vacations that don't make it to Facebook or Instagram get lost in the depths of your camera roll.

The update is rolling out today

Google Photos will send you a notification offering up a fully formed album curated with the best photos and videos from your latest excursion along with maps and location pins already included. You can further customize those automated albums with captions and collaborate with other Google Photo users. And if you prefer to create your own albums, any album can now be customized with maps, location pins, and text captions.

With Stories and GIFs already automatically generated, Google Photos is seemingly going to bring automation to every facet of photo management, and that is tremendously helpful for the average smartphone user who maintains a ton of photos on their device. Google says the update will begin rolling out today on Android, iOS, and the web.