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HTC's next flagship phone will be unveiled on April 12th

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HTC will unveil its next flagship phone three weeks from today, on April 12th. The new phone is believed to be called the HTC 10 and is supposed to be a continuation of the One line, featuring a similar design with improved specs.

The event will stream online

Some details of the HTC 10 already seem to be leaking out, with a render published earlier this month showing a new phone with a home button and large edges. The HTC 10 is believed to have a 5.15-inch display and a Snapdragon 820 processor — as usual, it should sit among the top-tier of Android phones, but the question HTC will have to answer is what'll make the 10 stand out from home runs like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

HTC says it'll be introducing its phone during an online event. There won't be an in person component, but it sounds like anyone who's interested will be able to tune in. The announcement will be streamed at HTC's website, starting at 8AM ET on the 12th.


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