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This motorized papasan is the sickest Lambo I've seen all year

This motorized papasan is the sickest Lambo I've seen all year

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As a millennial cliché, I do not own a car. I get basically everywhere on public transit and my own two feet. (I used to ride a bike but it was stolen and I haven't bought a new one as of yet.) I look at a lot of our delightful car coverage, and I think, sure, fine, but do I want to own this? Where would I even put it? I'm not going to pay for a parking space. Haha, insurance? Thanks, I'll walk.

And then I saw this thing of beauty and goddamn if I am not in love.


Why hasn't anyone ever taken me on THIS date? (Reddit user reasonswhyidrink)

Okay look: first of all, this vehicle would fit in my apartment so I wouldn't have to park it on the street or pay for a spot. It looks like a modified electric wheelchair to my admittedly inexpert eye, but whatever, at least I won't need to buy gas. Does it need insurance? Gonna go ahead and guess that it's not required by law. Sure, there's no roof but I live in California so that's not a problem about 95 percent of the time. Look at how happy those two are!

They've been spotted cruising a few times by Reddit users — on LA's west side and Santa Monica. Who can blame them? If I had that chair, I'd cruise too.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't already visualized myself in this sick Lambo, cruising down the Oakland streets with my cat in my lap. What's its horsepower? I don't care. Top speed? No idea. Engine strength? Literally who cares. My only gripe, as a woman who loves hideous-but-comfortable chairs, is that no one has yet mounted a La-Z-Boy on wheels. Anyway, these people are wonderful and I salute them.