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LG's new G5 ad confirms April 1st release date

LG's new G5 ad confirms April 1st release date

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A new ad for LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G5, has confirmed the handset's release date: April 1st. The 15-second clip shows someone snapping one of the G5's modular components into place on the subway, ending with the strap-line: "It's good to play more." However, it's worth pointing out that the ad isn't entirely realistic — the G5 reboots every time you switch modules, so our friend on the subway is actually grinning at a blank screen. (Maybe that's to match the April Fools' Day release date.)

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This minor deception is a venial sin in the world of advertising though, and you can't blame LG for wanting to get the core functionality of the G5 across as succinctly as possible. When the handset was revealed at MWC earlier this year we described it as a "radical reinvention of the Android smartphone," with its modular accessories allowing users to boost the device's audio quality, camera functionality, and battery life. The question remains, though, how well-supported will LG's "Friends" ecosystem be? The company is currently courting developers to make their own modules for the G5, but we're not expecting many new announcements before April 1st.