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Tinder will help you match with the right presidential candidate

Tinder will help you match with the right presidential candidate

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With the general election drawing ever closer, Tinder is getting its thirsty userbase involved in politics with some help from Rock the Vote. Starting today, Tinder users will now be able to swipe left or right on a variety of hot-button political issues, all in the hope of matching with the presidential candidate who most lines up with their views.

Swipe right for the next president

Tinder and Rock the Vote worked together to design a 10-question policy-based survey that users can respond to by swiping right to agree and left to disagree. The questions concern issues like keeping same-sex marriage legal and drilling for oil and gas, and tapping on the questions will give more data on the issue itself. After giving a swipe on each issue, the user will be matched with a candidate they'd be most happy with.

Tinder seems to be taking this opportunity after a number of its users started campaigning for Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio on the service. Now, the dating app can involve itself more deeply in the election process, and even goes so far as to let users know how they can register to vote in their home states. BuzzFeed reports that the data the company mines from this effort might be released at some later point "if it makes sense." We're personally very curious what the data will expose.