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Facebook is building a way to let Pages offer temporary profile pics

Facebook is building a way to let Pages offer temporary profile pics

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With Facebook users now clamoring for ways to identify with the causes they care about in their profiles, Facebook is now working on a platform that will allow Pages to build temporary profile overlays. The platform, which the social giant says is weeks from rolling out, will give users more options to change their profile pictures to show support for global events.

The decision to launch the platform comes after the terror attacks in Brussels this week. Though Safety Check was implemented there, allowing users to see if their loved ones in the city were safe, a flag overlay feature wasn't rolled out in any way similar to the rollout after the Paris attacks last November. According to Facebook, it takes time to create these overlays. By working with non-profit Pages, users will be able to show solidarity whenever they choose.

The decision to build the platform comes after the the terror attacks in Brussels

"Following this week's events in Brussels and other recent global tragedies," says a Facebook spokesperson in a statement sent to The Verge, "we’ve received a lot of feedback from the Facebook community and we’re working on better ways to help people show support for things they care about via their profiles. While this work takes time, we’ve begun building a platform that will give Pages the option to create and offer profile picture frames to their fans to express support for a variety of causes, interests, and social movements."

Facebook launched its temporary profile pic feature last September, and for this effort the company is working with groups like the World Wildlife Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to let them make new overlays. It's a good move; the company earned much criticism last year for how it devoted resources to Paris as opposed to other regions affected by terror. By democratizing the tool it created, hopefully no one will feel left out.