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Facebook is reportedly testing a tool for detecting profile imposters

In a move to curb harassment on the service, Facebook is testing a tool that alerts users when their name and profile picture are being used on a new account, Mashable reports. The company says it started testing the feature in November and has since set it live for 75 percent of accounts.

According to Mashable, when the company detects a duplicate account, it will prompt the owner of the original account, who can then decide to flag the imitator. Although that end of the process is automatic, the flagged accounts are then manually reviewed by Facebook.

Online harassment continues to be a plague on social media, and companies still fumble when developing responses. Mashable reports that Facebook is working on other anti-harassment features to ensure women feel safe using the service. The company has started to automatically offer outside resources for users who flag a nude photo of themselves on the site, and has been providing a photo privacy checkup feature to give users more information about who can view their photos.