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Google may be working on a Periscope competitor called YouTube Connect

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Google may be developing a way to make live streaming on YouTube much easier. VentureBeat reports that the company is working on a new mobile app called YouTube Connect that would offer similar functionality to the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live by letting users stream online right from their phones. Streams are said to be viewable both within the app and on YouTube, with previous broadcasts saved for later playback.

A YouTube spokesperson said "We don't comment on rumor or speculation" when contacted by The Verge.

The app wouldn't be a total surprise — YouTube has attempted to capitalize on live streaming to some extent through its Creator Studio, but the gated availability isn't a good fit for the kind of off-the-cuff sharing enabled by Periscope. The company has also taken on Amazon's Twitch with a separate YouTube Gaming service and app for video game streaming, which has been well received.